Without sewing machines, Latter-day Saints in Mozambique make free face masks for market men and women

In an effort to help market men and women, the relief society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Beira, Mozambique has gifted thousands of face masks to them. This has made it possible for these men and women to feel safe while out there doing their business.

This occurred when market men and women couldn’t afford to buy a face mask to wear after their President (Filipe Nyusi) asked everyone in the country to wear cloth masks to protect themselves from contracting the virus. In knowing their struggles, the local Latter-day Saints stake in Beira made masks for the market men and women from fabrics provided by the church.

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Families committed to sewing thousands of masks, with a family making a hundred each. The surprising thing is that there were no sewing machines to use for this project. These masks were sewed by hand.

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With each man and woman having a mask to wear, they will feel safe to go about doing their business and knowing that they are obeying the directives from their president.

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