Wife of President Nelson shares what she did before temples were closed due to COVID-19

Photo source: Screenshot taken from the video posted by Church news

The outbreak of Coronavirus meant that many businesses and schools were to be closed to limit the spread of the virus. Churches were not excused so were the temples of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A new video titled ‘Silver Linings’ by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which features President Nelson and his wife tells of the difficulty in closing down temples all over the world. In the video, Sister Wendy Nelson, wife of President Nelson spoke about what she did and experience before the closure.

She said, “In January and February, every time I went to the temple, I felt like I wanted to do multiple sessions. That’s really unusual; I usually do that twice a year.”

She further disclosed that, by March, she has done more ordinances than she would have in two months. ‘Early March, I said to my husband, “At this point, I have done the number of ordinances that I typically would do in a five-month period just in two months.”

Little did she know temples will be closed due to the pandemic. “Well, little did we know that the temple would be closed for three months.”

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With more than 160 temples across all the continents, it was a difficult task to close them down, but the spread of the virus meant closing them was the right thing to do. President Nelson had this to say about the difficulty in closing all the temples, “That was painful; it was wracked with worry.”

Temples are now reopening all over the world as more recoveries are being recorded for COVID-19. The church has more than 120 temples reopening for Phase 1 and 12 temples for Phase 2.

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