To anybody struggling today, I say: Remember that God is on your side

Life sometimes becomes difficult to a point when you think God is angry at you. At a stage, you will feel neglected. However, Elder Holland, an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would want Heavenly Father’s children to have hope during life trials.

In the post, he shared some of his family experiences he had with his family whiles living with them, he wrote, “My father was a magnificent, loving, kind father, but he was not active in our faith. We probably had a little more tension in our home than other homes. At times, I worried that my parents would get divorced. But if I had to do it over again, I’d still choose those parents. We had wonderful family experiences and my parents did everything for me they possibly could. I love them dearly.

His time at Brigham Young University and Yale University was made possible because of scholarships that he got. Despite the scholarships he still faced hardship. He posted, “It wasn’t until I left home that I realized my family didn’t have much money. Through a miracle, I was able to go to BYU and Yale University, both on scholarships. We had to scrape, claw, pray, and hope that we would have enough money to pay our tithing and get through school.”

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Through all the difficult times, Elder Holland had hope in the Almighty that things were going to be okay and things really worked for him.

Through all of those difficulties, I always knew things were going to be ok. It wasn’t just hope for hope’s sake—it was theological, religious hope in the Almighty. So to anybody struggling today, I say: Be hopeful, be happy, and smile. Remember that God is on your side. He is not an angry, vicious God trying to trip you. He is for you—not against you.” Said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Below is the full post made by the apostle:

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