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Through The Use of Technology, Choir Comes Together Despite COVID-19 Pandemic to Sing

We are seeing the good side of technology in this difficult time of COVID-19. A choir in East Colorado has just used modern technology and the internet to make sure they sing an Easter song they have rehearsed to sing during Easter.

As traditional as it is, ward choirs of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints love to sing during ward Sacrament meetings. So was the plan of Fairfax Ward Choir, East Colorado Springs Stake to sing “God So Loved the World”, however, the pandemic could not allow them to even step foot in the church. This meant that the well-rehearsed song was not going to be sang.

Despite this happening, Lauralee Angell the choir director through the use of 21st-century technology made it happen through the help of her son. The came together to sing. She shared the video on her Youtube channel and said;

As choir director, I looked forward to our Easter program. My choir members worked hard as they always do to prepare, but our meetings and practices were cancelled because of COVID-19. My thoughts turned to creating a virtual choir to share to the members of our congregation on Easter Sunday to help bring their hearts towards our Savior, Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, and His resurrection. I had no idea how to pull this off, so I asked my technical savvy sons to help me out. After recording accompaniment with direction and each part separately, I sent the links to each choir member, and they sent me a recording of themselves singing their respective part with headphones so we could pull this off a capella. This is our final cut! I’m so proud of how it turned out! My son, Nicholas, was up most the night putting the videos together, cleaning up phrasing, and synchronizing cut offs as much as he could before the deadline – which was today! Easter Sunday! Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!

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