The COVID-19 pandemic has now become the largest ever humanitarian project of the church – President Nelson

Photo source: Screenshot from the video “The care of others”

In the world today, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has undertaken more than 500 projects ever since the COVID-19 became a global pandemic. This makes it the largest ever humanitarian project of the church.

This information was made known to the world by President Nelson in a new church video titled “The Care of Others”. President Nelson said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has now become the largest ever humanitarian project of the church.” He went on to say, “any way you want to measure it, this is now the largest– we have participated in more than more than 500 projects, spending millions of dollars.

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Many would wonder where the church gets the funds for these projects. President Nelson in addressing that said, “Where does all that money come from? mostly from our members; their voluntary fast offerings have actually increased and voluntary contribution to our humanitarian funds have increased greatly.”

Members have prepared and provided personal protective gear for the caregivers.” “Thousands of Relief Society sisters have made more than 5 million surgical masks,” said President Nelson

In conclusion, he reminded members of the church that the road will be bumpy but the destination will be serene and secure with eternal reward as we do what is right.

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