The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plays a huge role in the fight against COVID-19 in Kenya

Photo source: Twitter handle of Dr. Wilber Ottichilo

With the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic not over, the church can be seen helping in the best possible way it can. Over the world, the church has made sure donations are done to help make people have hope.

In Africa, donations have been made in countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Togo, and many other countries on the continent. The latest to be helped in the fight is Kenya.

In showing appreciation, the Council of Governors posted on their Twitter handle telling of the Good deed of the church. The handle reads;

“Religious Organisations have played a huge role in the fight against #COVID19. H.E Wilber Otichillo @GovernorVihiga has received a donation of medical equipment from Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church to help combat the Corona Virus pandemic in the County. #CountiesInAction”

Among the Medical Equipment donated by the church include, N95 Face Masks, Sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), Oxygen Cylinders, Detergents, Beds, Drip Stands among others. #CountiesInAction

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  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is really a true Christian religion church that exist in the world under spiritual guidance of the only living Prophet President Russell M Nelson. I stand to testify this although am still rate myself as a newer convert to this church with my family as I had just joined the church in the year 2019 October and however got baptized on a Sunday December 29th 2019 followed by confirmation on a followed Sunday January 5th 2020 in Likoni (I) Mombasa, Kenya.
    I salute most the beautiful work and efforts made by the missionaries who had consistently visited my family to teach us from stage to stage very lovely. These missionaries like Elder Phukane, Elder Erickson, Elder Salin, Elder Lindar, Elder Chikele, Elder Kasongo, Elder Gomez among others. They did a wonderful job and came to open our mind to know much more than we were earlier despite I and my family we were full time committed Christian religion followers and belivers.
    We came to love the missionaries so much and shared ideas like one family just because of the love of our only Saviour Jesus Christ the Lord as a result of his atonement.
    The missionaries made me (family) to learn alot spiritually especially by disclosing to us that there was a Prophet named Joseph Smith who restored the now church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the world in 1829 after apostasy on Christianity and gospel in the world.
    I also do recognise much a brother, friend and President of the Mombasa Island Church, one Bro Kevin Ogembo who made me know and eventually met the missionaries who however made us to know that our Heavenly Father had used ProphetJoseph Smith to restored the only and True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the world again.
    I just concludeby saluting our beloved the only living Prophet President Russell M Nelson his spiritual vision on guidance to faith especially during this pandemic period of Covid-19. If it were not God Prophet President Russell M Nelson via the Holy Ghost then many of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints faithfulwould have gone a stray but remember “THE BOOK OF MORMON 2020 &COME, FOLLOW ME” has it all.
    I testify all these in Jesus Christ Holy name. Ameen.

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