Returning Missionary and Four Members of His Family Test Positive For COVID-19

Elder Johanson is among thousands of missionaries whose services were cut short and asked to return home because of the Coronavirus. He has so far tested positive. Before knowing he had the virus, he had unknowingly infected four of his family members.

Elder Johanson who was surprised about contracting the virus said, “I really wasn’t expecting it because I felt fine.”

According to KSLTV in Utah, he was picked up in a Salt Lake City International Airport parking garage by his parents, who were following new guidelines that were implemented after a large number of families disregarded social distancing while picking up their missionaries.

He served in the Mexico Cancun Mission and served for 17 months.

To get to know how he and his family members are managing the situation at home click on KSLTV to know more.


  1. We wish Elder Johansson and his family members quickest recovery. The healing power of God shall come upon them. Amen


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