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New and easy online system for temple prayer rolls created – First Presidency announces

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on August 25, 2020, has announced a new and smart way for members to send names of relatives and friends who are ill, afflicted, or are facing other challenges in life.

This announcement will bring relief and happiness to many who have not been able to visit the temple because of COVID-19 but want to send names for prayers. Members will be able to send names through an online system created by the church.

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An email sent by the church to members reads;

The First Presidency has announced that an online system has been created to allow members to send the names of family or friends who are in need to the temple, where those names will be placed on the prayer roll.

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Requests can now be made by visiting any temple’s information page and clicking the prayer roll link. Requests can also be made through the Temples section of the Member Tools mobile app. This update to the Android and iOS versions of the app will be available in the coming days. Once the names are entered, they will be sent to that temple (or to the nearest operating temple if that temple is closed).

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The same information can be found on the church website.

Those with Android will be able to send names to the temple through the app starting August 25, 2020. Those with the IOS version will have to wait till September 1, 2020.

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  2. Prayers for my Elderly mom Julia Hildreth she has been coughing for a long time N been in N out of hospital.

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