“Miracles Happen- My Granpa Has Been Battling Lung, Kidney, And Brain Cancer – He Made It Out Alive From COVID-19” -Sydney Barker Fuller

Sydney Barker Fuller, a Latter-day Saint has shared the experience of her family battling the COVID-19 on FluentWorlds. In the interview, she spoke about her grandfather who is battling lung, kidney, and brain cancer but has survived the COVID-19 and living.

Sydney and her family are among the first people to come in contact with COVID-19. On her account of contacting the virus she said, “I had a sore throat and it lasted for a week, so I soo much sure if that was COVID or not. My husband started getting a little bit of a running nose.”

Their first test to check if they had the virus came out negative despite the symptoms they had, however, the results came as positive when they went for the test again.

She shared what she is going through with her family and has encouraged others battling with COVID-19 that if her grandfather has overcome the virus so can they. She also shared how people are being nice and caring.

Her advice for people who are affected is to drink lots of fluid and rest.



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