Love the Lord with a firm foundation of faith – President Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson during the April 2020 General Conference

Latter-day Saint leaders in this 21st century are using technology positively to reach out to millions of saints around the world. One leader who has now is the president of the church. President Russell M. Nelson on his Twitter account has shared an important message of how to love the Lord.

His message states that children of our Heavenly Father should love the Lord with a ‘firm foundation of faith’. His message further explains that loving that way will provide you with the needed power to love your neighbor and your wiliness to help them will be there.

Love the Lord with a firm foundation of faith. Let it be the base upon which you stand and from which you climb. That love will provide power for you to love your neighbors and to help them.

This message from the Lord’s prophet is needed at this time of COVID-19 pandemic and unrest around the world. Loving the Lord with a firm foundation will propel you to reach out with love to the needy people around you and the world.

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There are many who are in need of spiritual help. Helping such people will mean they are being helped to be connected with the Lord. There are others who are in need physically. Look around you to see the help you can give out as you love your neighbor.

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