Latter-day Saint shares how his life changed from cleaning port-a-potties to being a YouTube star

Photo credit: Screenshot taking from the video posted by the church

When you think of quitting when things are not going well pause and write yourself a future letter. A new video uploaded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has Youtube star and Latter-day Saint Stuart Edge share how his life changed from being a cleaning port-a-potties to being a popular figure on the video publishing site.

When Stuart started college, he was working 13 hours a day cleaning about 100 toilets. Whether rain, sun, or snow he was always at work.

In thinking about the future, he was contemplating whether to quit his job. However, he did not. He said, “even though I wanted to quit the porta-potty job, I had a feeling that staying there would be the best option.” he continued by saying, “In an act of hope, I got out a pen and paper and wrote my future self a letter.”

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A letter he wrote to his future self made him keep to his job. However, he changed from listening to talk radio and music to listen to inspirational podcasts. This brought the change that transformed him into who he is today.

From listening to the podcast he was inspired to buy a video camera and start making youtube videos. The life-changing moments began after buying the video camera. The rest is history.

When you think of making changes in life, think of Stuart Edger

Below is the video, watch, and be inspired. You can also write yourself a future letter.

Below is one of his YouTube videos, watch and subscribe to his channel:

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