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Latter-day Saint pop star provides a way out for people thinking of committing suicide

Photo source: Screenshot taken from “Bend Not Break” video

In the world today, there are more than 10,000 people who commit suicide around the world each year. Many are those who die without being reached out to or reaching out to be helped.

With many people thinking of ways to help prevent suicide death, Alex Boye, an Afro-pop musician has joined in to help. As a musician, he has reached out to the thousands through his music to help them not to end their lives but to hold on.

In his music, we are reminded of our loved ones we have in our lives and the better things we can do. This is to help see the better side of life and not break but to bend.

A message on his website about the song reads:

“Bend Not Break” was written to carry a message of hope and awareness to those struggling with mental illness and considering suicide. “My purpose for this song and video is to help save lives. Even if it can save just one, then we have done something great!”

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A tweet on his Twitter account to celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day reads;

NEVER SUFFER IN SILENCE for fear that nobody wants to be burdened by your struggles. We would rather hear about your struggles than your death. Focus on just the 1st step, and not the whole staircase. #stay#WorldSuicidePreventionDay#stopsuicide

Below is Alex Boye’s full message in the video of “Bend Not Break”:

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