Instruction From First Presidency On How Weddings, Funerals, Patriarchal Blessings, Blood Donations, And Other Ordinaces Should Be Done

The First Presidency continues to bring forth direction on how members can stay safe as they participate in ordinances and humanitarian activity during this pandemic. The new instruction on weddings, funerals, going for a temple recommend, and donating blood goes in line with the Article of Faith 1:12. Leaders of Latter-day Saints know the importance of obeying the law in this crucial time of COVID-19.

Weddings and Funeral

Where restricted by government regulations, weddings, receptions, and funerals should not be held in meetinghouses. As permitted by law, bishops and stake presidents may officiate in weddings in an appropriate setting where social distancing can be maintained. Technology may also be used to allow family and friends to view the service. Leaders and members should comply with government orders, regulations, and guidelines.

Temple Recommend

No. Members of bishoprics and stake presidencies may temporarily conduct temple recommend interviews using face-to-face technology. Members should continue to be interviewed by both a member of the bishopric and a member of the stake presidency.

Patriarchal Blessings

Patriarchal blessings should be delayed temporarily. However, wherever possible, those preparing to serve missions should be given a patriarchal blessing prior to beginning their missionary service.

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Blood Donation

Yes, blood drives will continue but must follow government orders, regulations, and guidelines established in each location and the protocols of the blood drive entity (Red Cross or others). Meetinghouses and meetinghouse parking lots can be used by the Red Cross and other entities using portable facilities if all government orders, regulations, and guidelines are followed.

Naming and Blessing Children

When authorized by the bishop, the blessing may be performed at the family’s home instead of at a Church building. It should be properly reported.

Other instructions can be accessed on Responding to COVID-19



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