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In this time of restrictions & uncertainty, we can find purpose & comfort in the Lord’s declaration – Elder Bednar

Photo source: Elder David A. Bednar’s Facebook post

An apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taken to his social media account to throw some light on some important messages that will help Heavenly Father’s children grow in the gospel. Elder David A. Bednar is that apostle.

In his message to members of the church and to his over 300,000 follower on his social media accounts, he talked about how he is spending time with his family. Since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, he and his wife take turns in giving each other haircuts. He praised his wife for always giving him a nicer haircut than he does for her. He said, “Sister Bednar and I have changed some of the basic patterns of our lifestyle in seemingly small ways. For instance, we now give each other haircuts. (The haircuts she gives me are so much better than the ones I give her!)“.

He talked about how he and his wife now travel less and spend time with the family. On this subject, he wrote, “I am traveling less—which enables us to spend more time together as a couple. And we have been very careful in our interactions and activities so that we can visit our family.”

With such an example, members can learn from him and also spend time with their families and also give service to each other like the apostle and his wife does for each other.

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In finding purpose and comfort in these difficult days, Elder Bednar has reminded members of the church and the world at large that the Lord will give His children pattern in all things, so they will not be deceived as stated in the scriptures (Doctrine and Covenants 52:14).

On Heavenly Father giving His children pattern, he said, “A pattern is a guide or a model. Vital spiritual patterns are evident in the life of the Savior, in the scriptures, and in the teachings of living prophets and apostles. These spiritual patterns are sources of direction and protection for us and are essential in avoiding the deception that is so pervasive in our world today.”

Below is the full post from Elder Bednar:

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