“I was promised I would meet my future wife” – A promise made to a faithful serving single adult

Sometimes in life, we will think that Heavenly Father has forgotten about us or what we are going through. However, He is always there preparing a way for us, so we can accomplish the goals we have set in life. His time is the best.

Tyler Sheffield has shared his story with The Road to Hope and Peace on how a calling he received and served faithfully led him to meet his wife.

His story teaches about serving faithfully, living by the values taught in the church, serving others, and waiting patiently. Below is his story;

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I wasn’t frantic about it, but I just thought that by the time I finished college I would have married or at least identified the woman I would marry. Alas!

With an undergrad degree and a new job in California I continued to be on the lookout for that “sharp” gal I would marry. But to no avail. Later, I obtained a master’s degree in Chicago and began to establish a career. Years passed, and still no one.

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I lived by the values taught in my church and fulfilled church assignments and service opportunities. I was teaching a men’s class on Sundays and serving as an executive secretary to the bishop of our congregation and then unexpectedly, I was asked to be a team lead for the young single adults attending various congregations. With two other assignments, I reluctantly accepted the assignment; however, I was promised that as a result of “magnifying this calling” I would meet my future wife.

With his family
Photo source: The Road to Hope and Peace

I was skeptical yet hopeful that this blessing would soon be realized. After three years of serving, this assignment was coming to an end. At the last young single adult activity that I helped plan, I was asked to stand and be recognized for my service. When I stood up, I noticed sitting in the back, was a “sharp” gal visiting from California. In town for a trade-show, she had called the young single adult hotline, learned of the activity and took a cab eight miles from downtown to attend.

After the activity was over, she quickly came and introduced herself to me. I gave this “sharp” gal a ride back to her hotel, and we had lunch on Monday and dinner on Tuesday. Our respective travel plans and wishes allowed us to be in same city 23 of the next 30 weekends. We were married 11 months after that activity and now have six children and three grandchildren. I believe God approved of and even facilitated our meeting and our courtship for which I will be forever grateful. I know there is hope and peace in living Christian values, serving others, and doing what we know is right.

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