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Elder Holland shows children of God how to seek answers to prayers

Since the beginning of time, children of God turn to him for solutions to their problems and answers to their prayers. There are many who are left disappointed because what was asked from God was never given. There are some who feel there is no need to pray again because they don’t receive answers.

There are others whose prayers are answered within a twinkle of an eye. Some are patient enough to wait upon the Lord for an answer. In this life, you may find yourself on the waiting list or already answered list of prayer requests from Heavenly Father.

In some cases our prayers can be answered when we read the scriptures

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has used his social media accounts to help Heavenly Father’s children know how to get an answer from the Lord when they pray. One will be well guided when seeking answers from the Lord if Elder Holland’s teaching is followed.

In the beginning of the post, he helps you and I understand that some response comes in a form of dreams and visions. However, not all prayers are answered in that manner. “Sometimes we must wait for our answers to our prayers. Sometimes we must wait for answers. We don’t pay as much attention to those scriptural stories, but they’re part of God’s message too.” said Elder Holland

In being fair with the Lord, saints cannot set a time limit for the Lord to follow. Doing that will bring disappointment because answers may not come at the time we expect them. Elder Holland said, “We ought to make sure we are fair with the Lord when we seek answers to our prayers. We cannot expect Him to answer our prayers when and how we want them answered.

In conclusion, we can know how our prayers are answered in different ways taught by the apostle. Latter-day Saints and children of God can follow this step when seeking for answers from the Lord.

“Sometimes our answers are instant, sometimes they come a little later, and sometimes they arrive much later. If we trust that we will hear, and if we remember all that God has said that builds that trust, we can find solace and encouragement in waiting, particularly when answers don’t come right away.” Elder Holland posted.

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