How the world reacted towards the call for unity and peace made by President Nelson

In the early hours of Monday, President Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made a call to the world. In his call, he asked that all should be treated equally and called for peace and unity among the human race.

After the post, people around the world showed great support for the call for peace and unity and respect for all God’s children.

Below are comments on his call;

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Here are some comments and reactions from his Facebook followers;

Leslie Winebrenner Nelson Thank you President Nelson, for reminding us of where we can turn for peace.

John Pack Lambert This is a well stated comment.

Henry Pullan Not sure if President Nelson can read this, but I just wanted to thank him for his inspired words. The Lord truly has revealed it to my heart that Pres. Nelson is His chosen prophet upon the earth today. I love and sustain you, President Nelson. God be with you as you continue to do His will.🙂

Ruth Pryor Thank you President Nelson. Even though I live in Australia I needed to hear words from you.

Linda Busby These are words of a leader. Here is an example of how a nation should be addressed at a time like this. These words are to its grieving, angry and hurting nation, a balm of healing to soothe the broken hearts and raise hope in the spirits of all who hear it, To protest peacefully in numbers with love and fierce intent has to be more effective, more lasting, more memorable than the violence, defacing & looting we are witnessing now. I am thankful for a Prophet in these latter days who stands true to the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. There has always been and always will be only one race & that is the human race. Thank you President Russell M Nelson! We love you ❤❤❤

Mattock Smith I share President Nelson’s thoughts which condemn racism and violence. I feel the “moral compass” which he speaks of has been lost to many in our country and it makes my heart sad.

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John Pack Lambert I wish the President of the US used this, much deliberation and pre-planning before making statements. Some of the reactions to his statements I would say are not reflective of what they meant but President Trump clearly throws fuel on fire in needless ways.

Theresa Muir Thank you, President Nelson. We love you and feel the love of you and our Saviour, Jesus Christ at a time of need in our home and lives. May all hear of these words today and feel of the Holy Spirit and have a change of heart who are in need. Bless you, and please stay safe.

John Pack Lambert People need to move on from making friends just with those who are like them. My branch at first glance is plagued with racial division. However, on further glance race is more a proxy for other divisions. People with young children and teenagers need to reach out and connect more with people with unlike family structure.

Jonita Wiah The better we understand we are all one despite our colors the better it will be to put our difference aside.

Paulette ReNee What a lovely and touching way to remind us all, that even those who seek to harm us, to destroy our business and to cause chaos in the name of a man’s loss of life. Is to do the same to our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. We are all his children
We must rally to show compassion and respect for each other and that color can not and should not ever be a free rain for destruction of our very communities, life’s work. Etc Be kind, thoughtful of one another. Love the hymn says
Love one another. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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  1. In the Church wards I have been in (7 or 8 wards)I’ve not seen much if any race prejudice though my experience, like that of most of us, is limited, and there have been only a few times we have had people of ‘color’ in the wards I have been in. I have experienced prejudice from Church members, though, based on nationality and towards people having a good testimony or who teach straight Gospel which they think is too harsh.


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