How the world reacted to the attacking and stabbing of two sister missionaries

Photo Credit: Screenshot taken from KPRC 2 video on the attack

Exactly two weeks today, two sister missionaries serving the Texas Houston Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were attacked and stabbed in their sleep. The two sisters were taken to the hospital and were recovering.

After the news broke out, members of the church and non-members reacted to the incident. There were some who prayed for them and others were surprised the missionaries were attacked and stabbed.

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Below are the reactions gathered by this website from Facebook and Twitter:
Timothy Page


Mirin Baggaley Nelson

Mirin Baggaley Nelson I hope they aren’t the ones from my daughter’s ward. 😢

Katherine Webster Rebel

Katherine Webster Rebel My prayers going out to these two Missionaries. 🙏🙏🙏

Glori Boria Longworth

Glori Boria Longworth Sending prayers for them. Bless their hearts! ❤

Gayle C Fisher

Gayle C Fisher I’m sure Father will bless them. I hope they recognize soon & that the perp is prosecuted to the max.

Donna K. Cherry

Donna K. Cherry Praying for the Sister missionaries that they may heal thoroughly, physically and emotionally.🙏❤️1

Vivi Choque

Vivi Choque Praying for two angels .God bless their mission.❤

Sione F. Fetokai


Gail Canaway

Gail Canaway Praying for these two missionary sisters.

FcanelfolnvtJunior To'ia

FcanelfolnvtJunior To’ia Msii mau mai klc ko eni o taai pe ke nau iloi kakai oku nau ala kiai…koe hao pe koe mea i muli,hoko mai ko ena i Tonga ke sio ki hoo poto…

Adzimah Richard Moses

Adzimah Richard Moses My prayers goes out for them unto the Father

Margaret G Boateng

Margaret G Boateng This person shall never enjoy happiness, b’cos, ‘wickedness, never was happiness’ . May the good Lord cover the sisters with His healing Balm. ” Dieu est le Puissant Guerisseur”1

Amipeliasi Hance Teisina

Amipeliasi Hance Teisina Hits different when things like this happens to sister missionaries. Speedy recovery to those sisters!!

Jolleus Farrales

Jolleus Farrales Our prayers to you dear Sisters. May the Lord heal you for your speedy recovery and bless you even more.

RosaMaria Bejarano Hurst

RosaMaria Bejarano Hurst Our world is getting dangerous. Maybe our sisters missionaries need to start living in a house with members.

Shirley Johnson-stangas

Shirley Johnson-stangas so sorry these precious girls had to go through this. God bless & heal not only their bodies but their hearts.

Smalley N. Atagwung

Smalley N. Atagwung Dear Lord please heal your messengers and forgive they that rejoice in blood shedding for they know not what they do.1

Joffrey Samalio Borce

Joffrey Samalio Borce Be fixed in your purposed for satan will try you, the weight of your calling he perfectly knows…
Praying for your fast recoveries sisters!…

Cicily TJ Vermeulen

Cicily TJ

Bebie Ruiz

Bebie Ruiz 🙏❤️

Kalisi Long

Kalisi Long Sending love and prayers for them and all the rest of the missionaries. God bless them all.

Dionalita Mingay Santillan

Dionalita Mingay Santillan God healing hands upon these two missionaries… our prayers here in the Philippines…

Herman Hearn

Herman Hearn We will pray extra for our missionaries…. All over the world!!!!! We love and care for all of them. May they have a full and speedy recover

Trish Taylor

Trish Taylor Oh my goodness! God bless them and their families! I’m praying with everyone for all in that area! ❤️😢❤️

North Garcia

North Garcia The severe persecutions will indeed happen again just like in the time of Joseph Smith

Sabina Anney

Sabina Anney May God help them!🙏🙏

Elder Aka

Elder Aka Pourquoi le monde est méchant ses sœur ont fait quoi de mal pour être des victimes et Dieu soit miséricorde envers les sœur

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  1. Speedy recovery to our dearest sister missionaries. Prayers on the way for you both🥰❣️

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