How a family reacted after knowing the mission their son will be serving

Preston Rex and his Family
Photo Credit: Preston Rex

In most Latter-day Saints families, it is a tradition for male members of mission age to serve a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Prospective missionaries after receiving their call do not keep it to themselves but share it with their families.

All families rejoice when they hear or get to know the missions their children or relatives are going to serve. Some shout for joy because their family member is going to be a missionary for the church. Others are happy when they know their relative is going to the same mission most of them have served.

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A video posted by Preston Rex on his social media account shows how his family reacted when they got to hear the name of his mission. Their reaction showed how pleased they were after they heard the name of his mission.

Preston Rex has been called to serve in Chile Osorno Mission. He will be leaving behind his football career with Brigham Young University to serve for 2 years. Below is the video:

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