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He was saved from a large Rattlesnake and setting righteous examples – Elder Stevenson & Elder Rasband express their gratitude for fathers on Father’s Day

Every year, there is a day appointed to celebrate fathers and the role they play in the lives of their family. During today’s celebration of fathers, two apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have expressed gratitude for their fathers. Their messages are based on listening to the Holy Ghost and setting righteous examples as fathers.

Elder Stevenson posted a video and accompanied it with a message about how his father taught him how to heed to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. In the video, he narrated a story about a day he went hiking with his dad and how he was saved from stepping on a Rattlesnake because his dad listened to the small voice of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Rasband also took to his account to express gratitude for fathers everywhere in the world who set righteous examples. He admonished fathers to look to Heavenly Father as the prime example for all they do.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, may we remember the good things our fathers have done for us as children.

Share some the good things your father has shown and done for you at the comment section.

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