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Global citizen and Latter-day Saints prophet, President Russell M. Nelson sends a message of gratitude after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Latter-day Saints Prophet and his wife have been vaccinated

President Nelson and his wife have been vaccinated against contracting COVID-19. This comes after the vaccine has been made available to save lives. After receiving the vaccine, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has shared a thank you message to those who made it possible for his vaccination and that of his wife.

A message on his Twitter account has a thank you message to all who played a part in it. In his post, he referred to the vaccine as a godsend and helped members to know that being vaccinated against COVID-19 is part of being good global citizens. In his post he said:

I thank you for your efforts and your contributions during this COVID-19 pandemic – President Nelson

“Wendy and I were vaccinated today against COVID-19. We are thankful for the countless individuals who performed the work required to make this possible. We have prayed for this literal godsend. Receiving the vaccine is part of our personal efforts to be good global citizens.”

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