Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf & Elder Holland urge members not to give up

Many times in life, we think of giving up when it becomes difficult or when things are not going as we may want them or need them. It can be in our personal life or in a family. In all these, two Latter-day saint apostles have urged us not to give up. urge

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf in his message has reminded members to know that they are the superheroes of their own life. And with that members should not give up. He made members know that the future is bright, that someday, they will look back and be happy for how they have changed to become wonderful. Elder Uchtdorf posted:

“You are the hero of your own life’s story! Do not give up. The future is bright! Someday you will look back on the person you are now with kindness and compassion, and you will know then that the steps you took today molded you into the wonderful person you have yet to become.”

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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has asked struggling members to hold on. He has encouraged members to Keep trying because God loves them and that things will improve.

Both messages from Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Holland are needed during this time of pandemic that has taken lives, jobs, and made it not possible to live a normal life as before. Following their messages will not only bring peace but will help you to know that Heavenly Father loves and cares for you.

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  1. I feel so proud when i heard what Elder Uchtdorf said that i am a hero of my own life’s story.😍 which is difinitely true. Heavenly Father Knows the sacrifices i made and He is always there to lift me up and answers my pleading for my family. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY FAITH NO MATTER WHAT.

  2. I love both of these great men and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ . Thank you for your uplifting messages of hope and encouragement. Your testimonies and examples of the way you live your lives is so inspiring. I met you both in person in Little Rock , AR during our stake conference and felt your humble yet powerful spirits.


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