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Church makes changes to its magazines – 47 languages to be available from 2021

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The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day day Saints through The First Presidency has announced changes to its magazines in a letter to members of the church. In the letter, the church from January will see its four magazines reduced to just three but with upgraded features than before.

The four magazines, namely the Friend, New Era, Ensign, and Liahona will from January be reduced to three, namely Friend, For the Strength of Youth, and Liahona.

The New Era will be for children, For the Strength of Youth will be for the youth of the church while Liahona will be for adults.

In a letter to the members of the church, The First Presidency said, “Church magazines are a valuable resource for learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ and feeling a sense of belonging in His Church,” The First Presidency continues by encouraging Latter-day Saints to subscribe and welcome the new changes going to happen in 2021. “Our desire is that members everywhere will subscribe and welcome this faith-sustaining influence into their hearts and homes.”

The children’s magazine will be available in 47 languages. This move will give more non-English speaking countries the opportunity to connect and know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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“With all the challenges and opportunities in the world today, our children have never had a greater need for the strength, comfort, and guidance offered by the Savior and His teachings. We are thrilled that the new global ‘Friend’ magazine will now reach children in 47 languages around the world, inviting them to follow Jesus together and to serve as He did.” Said Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary General Presidency.

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