Church Launches Gospel Literacy Program in Sierra Leone

In the effort of helping its members grow spiritually, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has launched a literacy program that will help its members in Sierra Leone be able to read and understand the gospel and at the same time teach their children. Doing this will help them be able to easily follow the teachings of the Savior because they can read and understand for themselves.

Sister Jean B. Bingham, general president of the Relief Society said, “Reading opens up a world of ideas that [a nonreader] can’t even imagine,”. The church, knowing what people can achieve by reading and writing is focusing on countries with low literacy rates with its piloting program.

Sister Jean B. Bingham in her own words shared how the program has been life-transforming for those who have gone through it, “The Gospel Literacy program can be life-changing,” she continued by saying. “I’ve seen how women I’ve observed here have become leaders, and I’ve learned how they fortify their communities with faith, and they can really truly change the world.”

See the Church’ Newsroom for more details. 


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