Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, and other Faiths Join Latter-Day Saints to Fast on Worldwide Day of Fast

It is soo heart touching to know that Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, other faiths and those who do not even believe in God are joining the worldwide day of fast coming on this Good Friday.

After Pres. Nelson announced Good Friday to be a day of fast for the world during this pandemic, some members of the church have made it a point to take the message to the world. Various social media platforms have been used in conveying the message.

Worldwide Fast April 10 is one of the many groups making sure the world gets to know and participate in the worldwide fast. Members of the group who are not Latter-day saints are happy to join the fast. Below are there messages;

Rosalinda BrownI am a Buddhist. Also a Respiratory Therapist. I believe in God and fasting and prayer. I am honored to join you all.”

Zaid AttarI’m not of the same church (I’m Muslim) If that’s ok, and will fast and pray with you on April 10th.

Wilfred Mariano I am a Catholic, we will fast to help save the world. Amen.”

Krystal HalcrowI’m not from this church(I am catholic)but I will be fasting and praying April 10th with my boyfriend who is Muslim. This is my very first fast I will experience.

Isaac JohnsonI’ve been practicing Zen Buddhism for the past 15 years. I hope I’m still accepted!!”

Trina PetersonI am spiritual, not religious, but I am happy to join you all in the fast.”

Charity JonesNot Mormon, but would like to participate if that is okay?”

Alyssa McDaniel Burnett Hi! I am not LDS; I am a non-denomination Christian and a dear friend invited me to join the group. I would love to fast and pray for our world this Friday. Thanks!”

Dhillon DhillonI’m Sikh, and I believe in God always, because He is infinite and perdoner, I am honored to join you all.”

Dinora OlguinI’m not an LDS, I am a Messianic Jew, and I am extremely excited to participate in this fast with all of you.”

Mitchell BrownMy belief is in the Egyptian Gods but can I still fast and pray with you guys?”

Belinda J. PrattI will participate. I was raised RLDS also known as Community of Christ. Now I attend a Non-Denominational church. As I have been contemplating this, I have experienced attacks of the enemy. That tells me I really need to participate.

Marina Mimi Ghiggia-SchmidtBaptized catholic. Now, I participate spirituality, not any one religion. I respect each person’s individual journey. I was curious as to why I was invited to this group since I’m not LDS, so I read a few posts. I see all faiths from around the world posting kindness and acceptance and support. Wow. I’m in. Let’s keep this going.”

Reese MoeaiI no longer believe in any organized religion, but my children have decided for themselves to attend the LDS church and I support them. We will join this fast on April 10th! I will always believe in God and in the power of prayer – this is a beautiful thing for sure. God bless!

Beth Durtschi Moore “Namaste! I am a non-believing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I cannot even say that I am a Christian anymore but I do know that there is a God and that he loves every single one of us no matter our religion, beliefs, race or sexual orientation. He hears ALL prayers. I am honored to be joining all of you Friday on this day of fasting and prayer. Namaste! Namaste literally means I bow to you.

Laycie PremoeI am a wiccan…but I will join you in fasting.”

Robin Belonga “Baptized Catholic attended Baptist and Catholic Church but mostly just believe in God & the power of prayer! I’m in but I’ve never fasted.”

James BayleHi everyone. I just got out of surgery today due to unfortunate incident that transpired last weekend on effort of protecting my mom, girlfriend and our son to a lunatic rage person and I’m no LDS either but my 2 friends are and I am so much more than glad to participate to the worldwide fast this coming April 10.

Ronda Lynea BarnesI am Pentecostal and I will be fasting and praying with you.”

Herbert Biol EstrellaMy wife and I are Born again/Christian and we will fast and pray with you.”

Susan SmithI was raised Baptist. Not sure what I am now. Just know I love God and plan to participate.

There comes a time when we head a certain call when the world must come together as one – lyrics from we are the world. The world will be healed and will be a better place with all of us coming together on the 10th of April to fast.


  1. wow! It really feels good to see and hear non members everywhere join us to fast. May our prayers be accepted by the Lord.

    • What a wonderful thing
      We keep spreading the news with our family members who are not of our faith and some have already accepted the invitation.

      I Feel personnaly that on that very day the Lord Will open blessings from Heaven.

  2. Its.so amazing to.see people around the.world.to.join the Fast. I love this GOSPEL and.I.LOVE bn an lds Member, and.I love all those who are participating.

  3. This is wonderful that we will come together as one to fast for the world. No matter who we are God loves us equally.. and it’s an honour to take place In this fast on Good Friday God bless us all and be with those who suffer

  4. I congratulate the new general Authorities from Africa I wish them God’s divine strength and wisdom in their new assignments

  5. I thank the people and government of UAE for the kind gesture. I know our Heavenly Father will greatly bless them that decision

  6. Non members joining us for the world wide fast is a good one. I know God will surely bless those that honour and obey his Servant the prophet.

  7. We believe in fasting. We believe in prayers, and we believe that with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, the forgiving-spirit of God and the unending love of Jesus Christ overcometh every burden and obstacle in the world. Let’s fast together and save the ailing earth.

  8. Am so happy when over 50 of my contact who are not members of the church are happy to join the fast, it really strength my testimony the more.

  9. I am an Eckist. It would be a pleasure to be part of this! Our planet is experiencing a lot of shake up and changes are happening in rapid succession. These are things affecting everyone everywhere. During a fast, an Eckist turns thoughts away from lust, anger, greed, vanity and attachment and towards detachment, humility, generousity, patience and descernment.
    May the blessings be!

  10. I know that God Father and His beloved son Jesus Christ will hear our prayer and will consecrate our efforts as we fast. I was born and raised to this wonderful Church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I served my mission in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission and I can really testify that through prayer & fasting the Lord will always gives what He knows we really need. And through this I know He will give and grant the desires of our hearts that is to be healed and to bring back na normallity of our lives. We are more than greatful to all of our friends who are not of our faith, but I know we all have faith individually to our Savior and Redeemer of the world Jesus Christ who joins us in this worldwide fast. May the Lord bless us all.

  11. Honestly I’m so happy to read all brothers and sisters posting comment who are not the members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter days saints, they are ready to join us through the prophet’s invitation.
    I really know that this worldwide fasting will bless all the world and covid-19 will be overcome. By through prayers our Heavenly Father hears our needs and we can hear his son Jesus Christ. As we know that he loves us and wants us to be safe.

  12. I saw not one comment from the Orthodox Christians celebrating a week later. I am Serbian Orthodox. The Serbs and many other Orthodox Christians are still going by the old calendar. Just in case you are not familiar- we get our Easter from the first Sunday after the Jewish Passover. The “modern day Christians” get their Easter after the first Sunday after the full moon. Just a piece of history you all might be interested. This year “Orthodox Easter is one week later”. Your timely is good. Granted it is not our Good Friday but that does not stop us from celebrating a prayer day.

    • To my dear brothers and sisters that are members of other faiths, its a heartfelt experience reading your comments to join! It brought this young woman tears of joy. You all had made a remarkable and the bravest decision to join and heed Pres. Nelsons invitation to come in faith and draw more closer to the Lords presence in these time of challenges. Commerating this Easter was the Savior’s mission of love on the cross. I know that Heavenly Father lives and he is a loving Father who loves us dearly and unconditionally. He offered his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, Redeemer and Messiah to guide us uprightly, atone for our affirmities and mend all that have been broken. He’s our divine healer and doctor! Hear him! He will hear our prayers to fight the Covid19, remain in faith, with great purpose of hope and act upon it_The Lord will do the rest!

      Stay safe and Happy Easter everyone! ❤

  13. I’m a Christian , my brother and his family are Mormon and shared this invitation with us and we have decided to join them in this special day of prayer and fasting. May God put his hedge of protection around us all.

    Steve & Judi Hill

  14. My dear Brother Mitchell Brown and Sister Melinda J. Pratt, I would like you to know that we are all children of God!. Do not fear your enemies it is a great pleasure to have you participate in this loving fast that we are doing for are fellow beings. As myself I am very excited to be fasting for all my brothers and sisters. I hope that this good work you are doing finds you in much love and good health.
    Cheri Lewis ? ❤

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