6 Temples to reopen on July 13, 2020 – Reopening temples move to 115

Photo credit: churchofjesuschrist.org

The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has added six more temples to its Phase one reopening list. The number of reopening temples will now be 115 temples around the world.

The focus of the reopening is still on the sealing of marriages between a living husband and wife with few people to witness.

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Below are the temples to reopen on July 13, 2020:

  1. Halifax Nova Scotia Temple
  2. Los Angeles California Temple
  3. Montreal Quebec Temple
  4. Porto Alegre Brazil Temple
  5. Seattle Washington Temple
  6. Spokane Washington Temple

Below are the 12 temples that reopened today July 6, 2020:

  • Asunción Paraguay Temple
  • Boston Massachusetts Temple
  • Fresno California Temple
  • Madrid Spain Temple
  • Manhattan New York Temple
  • Montevideo Uruguay Temple
  • Newport Beach California Temple
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
  • Rome Italy Temple
  • Redlands California Temple
  • Sacramento California Temple
  • San Diego California Temple

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  1. Good Day – I am concerned about the Raleigh, North Carolina Temple. I have things ready for my parents to be sealed and then I would be sealed to them. I am wanting to know if there is any date for this portion of the Temple to be opened. Thank you My parents are deceased.

    • I presume social distancing is done by the individual. I also guess masks can be worn, and sanitizer will be plenty. Also, think of your body as a temple and do what you need to to get the spirit of the Lord in there.

  2. When will the Utah temples be open to everything again I miss going to the temple .. I love the temple.

  3. This is exciting. I am wondering when all the Utah temples are going to reopen? My brother and sister in law are patiently waiting to get sealed and she still needs to receive her endowment.


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